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Welcome to the website for the Midwest Organic Solid State Chemistry Symposium (MOSSCS). The first MOSSCS was held in 1988 at the University of Illinois in honor of the retirement of Professor David Curtin. The seminal studies of Curtin and his collaborator, Professor Ian Paul, were largely responsible for establishing solid-state chemistry as an independent discipline. Subsequent meetings have continued to welcome participants from a national base of academic and industrial institutions. The charter of the MOSSCS is to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and research results pertaining to the organic solid state in an informal atmosphere, with an emphasis on presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral associates. The meetings are rotated among academic and industrial sites in the Midwest.

Past Meetings:

Year Location Organizer
MOSSCS I 1988  University of Illinois Ian Paul
MOSSCS II 1989  University of Minnesota Peggy Etter/Joel Bernstein
MOSSCS III 1990  Purdue University Steve Byrn
MOSSCS IV 1992  University of Nebraska Craig Eckhardt
MOSSCS V 1993  Purdue University Bart Kahr
MOSSCS VI 1994  University of Minnesota Mike Ward
MOSSCS VII 1995  Indiana University Mark Hollingsworth
MOSSCS VIII 1996  University of Nebraska Craig Eckhardt
MOSSCS IX 1998  Kansas State University Christer Aakeröy
MOSSCS X 1999  Eli Lilly Susan M. Reutzel
MOSSCS XI 2000  Purdue University Ken Morris/Steve Byrn
MOSSCS XII 2001  University of Nebraska Craig Eckhardt
MOSSCS XIII 2002  University of Iowa Leonard MacGillivray
MOSSCS XIV 2003  University of Minnesota Mike Ward
MOSSCS XV 2004  Southern Illinois University Lori Vermeulen
MOSSCS XVI 2005  Purdue University Steve Byrn/Ken Morris
MOSSCS XVII 2006  University of Iowa Leonard MacGillivray
MOSSCS XVIII 2007  University of Kentucky Tonglei Li/Carol Brock
MOSSCS XIX 2008  Kansas State University Christer Aakeröy/
Mark Hollingsworth
MOSSCS XX 2009  University of Missouri St. Louis Alicia Beatty
MOSSCS XXI 2011  Eastern Illinois University Kraig Wheeler/
Radu Semeniuc
MOSSCS XXII 2012  Missouri State University Eric Bosch
MOSSCS XXIII 2013  University of Kentucky Eric Munson
MOSSCS XXIV 2014  University of Iowa Leonard MacGillivray/Lewis Stevens
MOSSCS XXV 2015  Purdue University Tonglei Li/Steve Byrn